The company Stuteri Nådhammar was founded in 2004 and is operated by Therése & Andreas Bjerketorp.

Our mission is to “in a professional manner, in a unique environment, offer horses and horse related goods and services to quality conscious individuals and businesses in Sweden and Scandinavia.”

Nådhammar is a farm in the beautiful Södermanland where we since eight years operates Stuteri Nådhammar (Stud Nådhammar), focusing on the Lipizzaner- and the Swedish Warm Blood-breeding, housing, loose housing, grazing, riding training and sales. We have about 50 acres pasture and grassland and eighteen boxes divided into three separate departments. We have a lighted outdoor paddock with a basis of “Paddex” and a indoor riding hall.

The guiding principle is that a healthy, varied breeding due to handling combined with great outdoor tours provides a good basis for all work with horses. Our young horses grow up in hilly and varied loose housing with peers. We have a large loose housing for mares and foals, and one for colts.

Therése is working full time in the company. The focus on her own riding is mainly dressage, but she is omnivorous and have tried most disciplines such as dressage, working equitation, light jumping, academic dressage etc.

It is important for us to offer our customers a secure facility with competent management. We have all the necessary permits from the County Council (kommunen) and other local authority (Länsstyrelsen) and the plant as a whole is certified as “Safe horse activities” (Säker hästverksamhet) of Länsförsäkringar / Agria. It meant, for instance we replaced all the wiring, the fire protection was reviewed and that all elements of risk where discussed. Andreas has also taken a course on Safe horse activities / Safe farm and we are both approved horse transporters.

Our business is by the “Horse industry’s Profession Board” (Hästnäringens yrkesnämd) approved as a training farm, and we receives a number of trainees per season.

Therése improving her skills constantly. 2005, she went a Horse care course (Hästkunskap hästskötare) at Strömsholm to test and document her knowledge.

2007 she obtained the Agria scholarship and the same year she went Axelsson’s horse massage training.

2008-2009, she studied “From selecting stallion to weaning” (Från hingstval till avvänjning) at Hippological Department, SLU in Uppsala and at Flyinge.

In autumn 2009 and spring 2010, she went to the course “Training for durability and performance” (Träning för hållbarhet och prestation) at the same institution. 2010, she also went to SVA’s course “Safe horse feed” (Säkert hästfoder).

2011, she joined Hästnäringens Nationella Stiftelses (Horse industry’s National Foundation) course ‘Your path to foal” (Din väg till föl) and Strömsholms course “Pedagogy and leadership” (Pedagogik och ledarskap).

2012, Therése take a course at Strömsholm named Horse Knowledge level 2 (Hästkunskap nivå 2).

Therése passion to continually learn more and her dear husband sometimes complain of the amount of horse books that threaten to blow up our library.

We live on the farm with our six-year daughter Alva, the poodle Tage, four barn cats, and a number of sheep, caring for the maintenance of the wonderful nature and contributing with meat and sheepskin supply.
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mobile +4670 200 97 17.